As of today we’re no longer on the free WordPress platform and have moved over to our own dedicated site at oscillatingwildly.net . So if you have the site bookmarked, please update your settings.

It’s nearly a year since I started the blog and the reaction has been such that I feel that this is a venture which can grow – which in turn, can’t really happen when we’re constrained by the limitations of free software. It’s served its purpose and now it’s time to think big and grow the site. Moving to a standalone platform gives us much more opportunity for customisation of the site, to add new features which will hopefully improve what already goes up and to look at monetising the whole project as we go along. I want to make a serious go of my writing over the next year or so and this is the best way of doing it. But don’t worry, there may be some ads but nothing overly intrusive or annoying. I won’t be spamming you with endless pop-unders and autoplay videos. They’ll just be a necessary evil, like playing Michael Mancienne in midfield at the back end of 2009/10. No-one really likes the idea, but you understand why it has to be done. For now anyway.

All the content has been migrated over – so the new site is up and running as we speak, should you ever wish to pass the day by reading about Dean Saunders and Matt Doherty – and there should hopefully be new articles going up next week, depending what happens with our managerial situation (and I didn’t expect to be having to write about that again this summer). There’s also a summer series on the way which should hopefully provoke the same levels of interest as the Christmas Tat one did. Although this time it’s not exclusively rubbish that I’ll be writing about.

As ever, I can’t adequately thank all of those who have supported me so far. There’s plenty more to come, I promise you.




Twitter: @OscillateWWFC



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